• Summary

    I've written over 100 pieces for different platforms, and held various editorial roles.

    On this page, you'll find the editorial roles I've held, as well as selected writing pieces.

    For more, check out my full writing portfolio!

    Features Section Editor

    The Medium (2015-2017)

    I managed my campus newspaper's Features section by pitching stories, and training student writers. Together, we published 46 weekly issues over two years.

    Policy & Politics Writer

    Science Borealis (2017-2019)

    Science Borealis is a group of Canadian science bloggers whose goal is to be an inclusive digital science salon featuring various scientific disciplines.

    Blog Contributor

    Signals Blog (2019-Present)

    Signals presents insiders’ perspectives on the world of regenerative medicine and stem cell research, written by scientists and professionals in the field.

    Assistant Editor

    Massive Science (Present)

    Massive is dedicated to helping scientists share stories about their work and lives in pursuit of a more informed, rational, and curious society.