• My Writing

    On this page, you'll find the editorial and writing roles I've held, as well as my favourite writing pieces.

    Contributor, Forbes

    March 2020 - Present

    I contribute to Forbes' science and healthcare sections.

    Here is a list of my contributions,

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    Assistant Editor, Massive Science

    August 2019 - Feb 2020

    Massive Science is an online publication where scientists (i.e. subject matter experts) receive science writing training and write stories with us. As an assistant editor, I develop pitches from scientists, provide editorial feedback, and digitally produce stories for publication.

    Here is a list of my pieces.

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    Contributor, Signals

    2019 - Present

    I write on a monthly basis for Signals, which is a platform dedicated to presenting insiders’ perspectives on the world of regenerative medicine and stem cell research, written by scientists and professionals in the field.

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    Policy & Politics Co-Editor, Science Borealis

    2017 - 2019

    I wrote about various science policy issues on a bimonthly basis for Science Borealis, which is a platform dedicated to Canadian science blogging.

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    Features Section Editor, The Medium

    September 2015 - April 2017

    I was elected twice to serve as the Features section editor, where I collaborated with The Medium's editorial board and student writers to publish weekly issues over a two-year period.