• Resources

    Here are a few open-access resources I've created (or co-created):

    Graphic with text: A Beginner's Guide To Science Communication Opportunities.

    By Farah Qaiser

    This self-published guide includes training opportunities, as well as outreach, public speaking, writing, journalism and social media initiatives to get involved with.

    Graphic with text: A Beginner's Guide To Wikipedia Editing and Edit-A-Thons.

    By Farah Qaiser

    In this Sister STEM post, I guide you through Wikipedia basics: how to edit and create a page, and if you want to take it one step further – how to host a Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon.

    Screenshot of first page of guidebook.

    By the Step Into STEM team (including me!)

    This self-published handbook compiled STEM resources (such as scholarship and mentorship programs) available online, at the University of Toronto and around the GTA that serve students during high school and through their transition to post-secondary education. It was published in December 2018 for Step Into STEM's first event: STEM Beyond High School.

    Graphic with text: A Beginner's Guide To Forming A Student Science Policy Group.

    By Farah Qaiser and Molly Sung

    In this Science Borealis post, we guide you through the basics of forming a student science policy group, with lessons learned from the Toronto Science Policy Network.

    Photo of Farah and Vindhya infront of a laptop with text "Thanks for tuning in!"

    Leveraging your unique voice and skills to explore science writing

    By Farah Qaiser and Vindhya Kolluru

    In this workshop, we guide you through the basics of science writing.

    Screenshot of resource.

    By Farah Qaiser and Gabi Serrato Marks

    In this guide, we share some resources which you can use to edit Wikipedia, host Edit-A-Thons and learn more about the massive encyclopedia.


    Note: this resource is only open to members of Massive Science's Consortium (fee: $15). If this is a financial barrier, please contact me.

    Zine cover art which says Let's Talk About DNA

    By Farah Qaiser

    I hear a lot of confusion about DNA and sequencing on a daily basis from strangers, friends and family, so I decided to make this booklet to answer your questions in this Sci-Art zine.

    Zine cover art which says Let's Talk About DNA

    By the Vote Science team (including me!)

    It's hard to know where to start when it comes to contacting your elected provincial or federal representative. That's why we've created short guides to help you engage with your representative!