• Here's a snapshot of what I've done:

    Scroll down for selected activities.

    I've written over 100 pieces for different platforms, and held various editorial roles (including staff writer & Features section editor).

    I've spoken at various venues to engage youth and the general public.

    I co-organized the 2018 Toronto March for Science and co-founding the Toronto Science Policy Network.

    This includes developing high school level courses, serving as a panelist and leading national science education initiatives to teach critical skills to the next generation of scientists.

    Occasionally, I like to step out of my comfort zone and try something new - such as organize Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons or participate in a video campaign!

  • Here are a few things that I've done:

    Co-Founder & Current President;

    Toronto Science Policy Network

    (July 2018-Present)

    In late August 2018, I co-founded the Toronto Science Policy Network along with three fellow University of Toronto graduate students: Sivani Baskaran, Ellen Gute and Molly Sung.

    The Toronto Science Policy Network aims to provide a platform for students (graduate and undergraduate) as well as post-doctoral researchers to learn more about and engage in science policy. TSPN has hosted a number of skill-building workshops and public panels on topics such as Climate Action, science advocacy and policy writing.

    Science Communicator

    How did I get involved in science? What are some tips for navigating summer research experiences? These are some of the things I have spoken about in the past few years, including:

    • I shared my science journey at a Royal Canadian Institute of Sciences' talk at the Mississauga Central Library.​ Link.
    • I was a Soapbox Science Junior speaker at the Festival of Trees - which is Canada's largest literary event for young readers. 
    • I shared on how I got involved in my area of STEM, and offered advice to girls pursuing STEM, at the Metamorphosis Girls in STEM Conference.
  • Wikipedian & Edit-A-Thon Organizer

    Today, only 17.67% of English Wikipedia’s biographies are about women. In response, I have started creating and updating Wikipedia pages for Canadian scientists to highlight their scientific research, role in science policy and/or science communication. I have also organized three Edit-A-Thons in Ontario:

    1. #TSPNWikiEdit19. Sat 23rd Sept 2018; Inforum Library (Toronto).
    2. Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon. 7 Feb 2019; Gerstein Library (Toronto).
    3. Women in STEM Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon​. 9 Feb 2019; Canada Science and Technology Museum Ingenium (Ottawa).

    Press & Communications Coordinator;

    2018 Toronto March for Science

    (Jan-Apr 2018)

    I was the Press & Communications Coordinator for the 2018 Toronto March for Science. The March for Science is an annual gathering of citizens and scientists standing together to champion science that serves the common good, and the indispensable role it plays in our lives and communities.


    Despite freezing rain, ice pellets and an impending ice storm, around 150 participants, along with speakers and volunteers, braved the weather to take part in the 2018 Toronto March for Science.

  • Three Minute Thesis Winner

    As an undergraduate student, I won a Three Minute Thesis competition at the annual national Women in Science and Engineering conference in January 2017. Two years later, in May 2019, I placed third at the University of Toronto's Three Minute Thesis competition.

    Student Editorial Board Director;
    STEM Fellowship Journal
    Jun 2016 - Jan 2018

    I led an an open-access peer-reviewed journal, consisting of a 20-person large student editorial board, to publish three issues of STEM research by high school and undergraduate students.​