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    Student-Run Academic Journals in STEM:
    A Growing Trend in Scholarly Communication

    Kelvin Ng, Mohammad Hossein Asadi Lari , Sze Wah Samuel Chan, Rahul Krishan Arora, Farah Qaiser, Vassi Sharlandjieva, and Sacha Noukhovich. Science Editor.

    Student-run academic journals that publish high school, undergraduate, and graduate scholarly research are a growing trend in scholarly communication. This is an exploratory study of student-run journals in STEM, focusing on their potential to increase interest in the publication and critical-appraisal process among students and young scientists.

    Farah Qaiser, Ryan K. C. Yuen & Danielle M. Andrade. Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports. 2020.

    Seizures can arise in neocortical, thalamocortical, limbic or brainstem networks. Here, we review recent genetic mechanisms implicated in focal and genetic generalized epilepsies.