• About me

    Hi, I'm Farah Qaiser!

    I recently completed a Master of Science degree at the University of Toronto, where I used whole genome sequencing to better understand complex neurological disorders. Here are my academic publications.


    Previously, I completed an Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto, where I specialized in Molecular Biology.

    Outside the lab...

    I'm involved in different science outreach, policy and communication initiatives to help build an engaging and inclusive science culture in Canada. This includes science writing & editing, public speaking, speaking to the media and developing training resources.


    In the past, I've co-founded a student science policy network, written 50+ pieces for various media outlets, hosted Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons and much more. Check out more below!


    Currently, I serve on the Chief Science Advisor's Youth Council, and on the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences' Trainee Comittee.

  • Here's a snapshot of what i've done:

    Co-Founder & Past President;
    Toronto Science Policy Network (TSPN)

    2018 — 2020

    I co-founded the first student science policy group at the University of Toronto, alongside four fellow graduate students: Sivani Baskaran, Ellen Gute, Vasa Lukich and Molly Sung.

    TSPN provides a platform for students (graduate and undergraduate) and post-doctoral researchers to learn more about and engage in science policy. To date, we have engaged over 300 individuals through various skill-building workshops, panels, talks and more.

    Member, Chief Science Advisor's Youth Council


    I am one of the 20 members selected to serve on the Canada Chief Science Advisor’s Youth Council (CSA-YC). Our mandate includes:

    • Providing accurate and balanced views to the Chief Science Advisor (CSA) from the perspective of youth 
    • Bringing to the attention of the CSA and the Office of the CSA questions and issues related to the various groups that council members represent 
    • Identifying and informing the CSA on key issues and challenges facing the Canadian science community 
    • Advising on and taking part in outreach activities of the Office of the CSA.

    Co-Organizer; ComSciConCAN

    2019 — Ongoing

    ComSciConCAN is a workshop series organized by graduate students, for graduate students, focused on leadership and training in science communication. I co-organized the ComSciConCAN (July 2020) and ComSciConGTA series (Fall 2020).

    Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon Organizer


    Only 18% of English Wikipedia’s biographies are about women. To address this, I started creating and updating Wikipedia pages for Canadian scientists who belonged to various equity-seeking groups.


    I've also organized Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons in Canada, including:

    1. #TSPNWikiEdit19. Sat 23rd Sept 2018; Inforum Library (Toronto).
    2. Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon. 7 Feb 2019; Gerstein Library (Toronto).
    3. Women in STEM Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon​. 9 Feb 2019; Canada Science and Technology Museum Ingenium (Ottawa).
    4. Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon. 9 Feb 2020; Ontario Science Centre (Toronto).