• About me

    Hi, I'm Farah Qaiser!

    I recently completed a Master of Science degree at the University of Toronto, where I used whole genome sequencing to better understand the genetics underlying complex neurological disorders. Here are some of my academic publications.


    Previously, I completed an Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto's Mississauga campus, where I specialized in Molecular Biology.

    Outside the lab...

    I am involved in different science outreach, policy and communication initiatives to help build an engaging and inclusive science culture in Canada. This includes science writing & editing, public speaking, speaking to the media and developing resources.


    In the past, I've co-founded a student science policy network, written 50+ pieces for various media outlets, hosted Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons and much more. Check out more below!


    Currently, I serve on the Chief Science Advisor's Youth Council.

  • Here's a snapshot of what i've done:

    Co-Founder & Past President;
    Toronto Science Policy Network (TSPN)

    2018 — 2020

    I co-founded the first student science policy group at the University of Toronto, alongside four fellow graduate students: Sivani Baskaran, Ellen Gute, Vasa Lukich and Molly Sung.

    TSPN provides a platform for students (graduate and undergraduate) and post-doctoral researchers to learn more about and engage in science policy. To date, we have engaged over 300 individuals through various skill-building workshops, panels, talks and more.

    Member, Chief Science Advisor's Youth Council


    I am one of the 20 members selected to serve on the Canada Chief Science Advisor’s Youth Council (CSA-YC). Our mandate includes:

    • Providing accurate and balanced views to the Chief Science Advisor (CSA) from the perspective of youth 
    • Bringing to the attention of the CSA and the Office of the CSA questions and issues related to the various groups that council members represent 
    • Identifying and informing the CSA on key issues and challenges facing the Canadian science community 
    • Advising on and taking part in outreach activities of the Office of the CSA.

    Co-Organizer; ComSciConCAN

    2019 — Ongoing

    ComSciConCAN is a workshop series organized by graduate students, for graduate students, focused on leadership and training in science communication. I co-organized the ComSciConCAN (July 2020) and ComSciConGTA series (Fall 2020).

    Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon Organizer

    2018 — Ongoing

    Only 18% of English Wikipedia’s biographies are about women. To address this, I started creating and updating Wikipedia pages for Canadian scientists who belonged to various equity-seeking groups.


    I've also organized Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons in Canada, including:

    1. #TSPNWikiEdit19. Sat 23rd Sept 2018; Inforum Library (Toronto).
    2. Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon. 7 Feb 2019; Gerstein Library (Toronto).
    3. Women in STEM Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon​. 9 Feb 2019; Canada Science and Technology Museum Ingenium (Ottawa).
    4. Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon. 9 Feb 2020; Ontario Science Centre (Toronto).